Are generic mouthguards as good as custom versions?

Mouthguards are a very important piece of safety equipment when playing sports. Sports related injuries account for a large percentage of dental and oral trauma. Fortunately, the risk of broken teeth and facial injuries can be significantly minimized by wearing a sportsguard or mouthguard. The highest level of protection and comfort will come from a custom made mouthguard that is specifically designed for an individual. 

Custom-Made Mouthguards : 

  • Protect your teeth
  • Lowers the risk of facial fractures or a concussion
  • Minimizes the risk of jaw and tooth fractures by absorbing energy from any impact 
  • Does not hinder speech or breathing
  • Increases performance

Are Generic Mouthguards just as good as custom versions? 

There are many mouthguards you can purchase over the counter. Options like ‘make your own’ boil and bite kits can be purchased at sporting goods stores or even a pharmacy. But these generic mouthguards are designed to fit almost anyone. Which actually means they don’t fit any one well enough to protect their teeth from harm. Also the one-size-fits all option tends to be less than comfortable. It is best to invest in a mouthguard that will fit your mouth perfectly so you can breathe normally, speak normally and not hinder any performance. 

When playing sports, quality gear is essential. Your mouthpiece is no exception. If you are interested in getting a customized mouthguard please call us at Central Dental Family Dentistry today at 780-424-6699!

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