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We understand that you want your teeth to brighten whenever you smile, isn’t that right? However, it is important to note that the longer you give attention and take care of your teeth the stronger and whiter your teeth become. Teeth whitening is carried out with the use of peroxide-based bleaching agents in order to whiten your teeth.

Note that bleaching will not whiten composite tooth-colored bonding or porcelain crowns on your tooth. For this reason, you may not see the result you are expecting, that’s why it is very essential that you talk to a specialist.

Why Your Teeth Are Turning Yellow?

There are a number of factors that can make your teeth suddenly start to turn yellow. The two major reasons are both associated with age as your teeth will inevitably begin to yellow just as you get older. Meanwhile, there are actions that can slow down the process, and even get rid of it completely. Even with the availability of tooth whitening kits in almost every pharmacy, there are also a number of natural therapy that can aid to eliminate stains and keep your tooth enamel healthy.

Things You Should Consider

To prevent your teeth from getting stains, you must be extra careful with certain intakes. As there are specific foods and beverages which include smoking and tobacco products, certain antibiotics and coffee can also stain your teeth.

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How Teeth Whitening in Edmonton Works

Teeth whitening in Edmonton is a simple step by step process. As mentioned above whitening products consist of either one or two of these tooth bleaches, which are hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. These bleaches remove stains and smaller pieces from the teeth, thus making the color less concentrated as well as increasing the brightness of the teeth.

Can Whitening Work on Every Tooth?

No, That is why it is essential to speak with a dentist before making any final decision on whitening your teeth as not all discoloration can be corrected by whiteners. You must note that yellow teeth may probably respond well to bleaching, but not teeth with gray tones as this may not bleach as well as brown teeth will not respond to bleaching. Teeth whitening in Edmonton cannot work on fillings, crowns, caps or veneers. If you also have tooth discoloration that happens as a result of a medication or an injury on your tooth this process will not work.

Side Effects from Teeth Whitening in Edmonton?

Some people that use teeth whiteners experience tooth sensitivity after a few months. It especially happens when the peroxide in the whitener enters the enamel to the soft layer of dentin then irritates the nerve of the tooth. sensitivity is generally considered as temporary. In this case, you can postpone treatment and retry. Make sure you talk to your dentist and follow directions as excessive use of whiteners will cause damage to the gums and tooth enamel.

Sustaining Excellent Oral Hygiene

One of the most important exercises a person can perform to minimize tooth yellowing is sustaining excellent oral hygiene. The regular brushing and flossing of teeth removes stains, prevent your gum decay and protect your enamel this action can speedily make your teeth whiten.

Brush your teeth at least twice daily for healthy teeth maintenance. While brushing your teeth make sure you clean every part around the back of each tooth and the gums. You can also make use of fluoride toothpaste which is effective in fighting germs and getting rid of tooth decay. Even as many people do not seem to like making use of fluoride, but dentists specialists do not oppose using it because of the benefit that comes with it.

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