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Teeth cleanings are vital appointments at your Edmonton dentist, not simply for a clean set of teeth, but they are essential for a healthy mind and body too. Though for such regular appointments, there is so much information that people lack. We can help you understand its necessity and what you should expect before your next teeth cleaning session.

Before the Appointment

Many people treat their mouth as a separate part from the rest of their body. Yet the truth is that it is all correlated, and problems in your mouth may cause and act as a sign of disease in other parts of your body. This alarmingly includes dementia and heart disease. Teeth cleaning is necessary hygiene in keeping your mouth and body disease-free.

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Why Are Teeth Cleanings Necessary?

This is mainly for two reasons, which are to prevent diseases and then the main reason “to prevent tooth loss.” The mouth is a completely different region from the entire body, and it takes quite a hit from your day to day. The mouth has a unique environment that needs special care.

Teeth cleanings eliminate the accumulation of plaque and tartar. This accumulation occurs mostly naturally. Similar to a boat getting a barnacle build-up by staying in the water. Keep in mind that too much buildup of plaque and tartar leads to gum disease.

Your body considers tartar as a foreign invader, thus it has to be removed. The body treats it similar to any other foreign invader that stays, like a flu bug or an infection. It is part of your immune system.

There is a constant battle occurring in your mouth, and this fight never ends. Teeth cleanings help in this fight by keeping things in check. Gum disease occurs when your body’s immune system is reacting to this tartar buildup by swollen and bleeding gums. The immune system’s answer is effective at stopping off such intruders like infection and flu bugs. But it comes with a cost: similar to the war, some innocent bystanders get massacred.

While Gum disease advances, so do the damage on your bone and tissues of the mouth. Your immune system can only fight off infection for short periods. The constant support of the immune system means it won’t stop and yet won’t be as effective enough to combat illness. This continuous use of the immune system may also lead to diseases in your body.

So, preventing gum disease diminishes the threat of dementia, stroke, and heart disease. The damage caused is irreversible only at a certain stage, preventing it is the right way to sustain overall health and have excellent teeth forever. For this reason, there is no doubt that teeth cleaning is a crucial part of prevention.

Let’s Dig Into What Teeth Cleaning Is

Teeth cleaning is done by a hygienist at your Edmonton dental clinic. The cleaning of tartar from your teeth using specific tools. They remove the build-up from both above and below the places where the tooth meets the gum. Your hygienist will explain what is happening, why it is done, and the reasons your teeth sometimes is sensitive or even explain why the gums bleed.

Don’t forget to properly brush and floss at home. Your hygienist may say, “Pay more attention to your back molars while brushing.”  Your Edmonton dentist or hygienist will give you info on proper brushing and flossing methods. Follow up after teeth cleaning is important, so make sure to get a full demo of how you should properly brush and floss at home to avoid mouth disease.

What is Gum Disease?

It like you cut your hand and it swells up. Similarly, gums get inflamed with the buildup of tartar, the swelling is more than other parts of the body because gums have a lot of blood supply. So don’t forget to discuss it with your Edmonton Alberta dentist, also, make sure you discuss regarding your gum disease status.

Ask for a diagnosis for the stage of gum disease. You will get some idea of where to go from that stage. You’ll gain a direction of where you’re starting from. Simply ask whether you have type I, II, III, IV, or V of gum disease.

Pocket Reading Is Very Important for Health

The tooth is attached further down than you think. This attachment creates a small pocket, it looks like a moat around your tooth. The size of this little pocket can change. The lower part of the pocket ligaments which held the gum and tooth together. These ligaments can be eaten away by an enzyme produced when the body feels it is in threat.

It is called collagenase and can make the pocket further deep. Another way the pocket changes is when the top flap of the pockets grow larger from inflammation.

Pockets get deeper from the top or the bottom parts and it’s unhealthy whichever way it gets deep. However, pocket reading is a vital sign of your health. It simply the measurement of your pocket size.

Deeper the pockets, higher the alert of disease. Prevent your gums from being inflamed by doing regular teeth cleaning. Maintain proper oral hygiene at home for avoiding the risk of your pockets going deeper. Don’t forget to confirm your pocket reading at the Edmonton Alberta dentist. (Don’t worry its similar to asking for a blood pressure check). Do this by asking for the mirror to watch your Edmonton dentist measure your pocket. Become aware of how the pockets are changing.

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