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What Is a Family Dentist?

Family dentists give general oral care treatments for patients for all ages, from an infant to a senior citizen. They usually serve as dental practitioners for the entire families. This way you and your children can all depend on one dentist for dental appointments, fillings, and other standard oral care. Family dentists are specially trained to treat their youngest to their oldest patients more efficiently. Many family dentists practice in pediatrics, where they give the best care for children who are sensitive to slightly different oral care than adults. Family dentists take a very personalized, thorough approach for treatment.

Their dental clinics have a more relaxed atmosphere, with cheerful places where you and your kids will are capable of handling most dental care needs, though they at times may refer you or your families member to a specialist for oral surgery, cosmetic procedures, or orthodontics. But don’t worry Most of the family dentist in Edmonton practice with these specialists in their clinics, so you will receive specialized care from such a place if you need it.

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popular services family dentist in Edmonton provide:

Checkups and Dental Cleaning

Usually, patients require to visit the dentist in edmonton for a checkup and cleaning appointment every 6 months, starting at the first tooth growth of a child. As the checkup begins at the hygienist’s chair, he/she will polish the teeth with special toothpaste and remove plaque and tartar using specific tools from the surface of the teeth. Family dentists in edmonton are good at dealing with children by being very gentle in their method of treatment. Once the cleaning of the teeth is done, the hygienist will check the teeth and gums for any symptoms of cavities, gum disease, or other conditions.

X-rays can also be taken by the dentist in Edmonton to view the roots of the teeth and also analyze how your teeth are aligned to the jaw. The dentist will observe your child’s oral health from the first appointment. They will keep an eye out for cavities, gum problems, or misalignment issues that can worsen over time as your child habits transform. Identifying issues early makes it easier for a family dentist to treat and guarantee lifelong oral health for your family.

Fillings and Restorations

Family dentists additionally provide fillings, bonding, crowns, and other basic restorations for children to senior citizens. Once the dentist finds a cavity in your or your child’s mouth, they fix it by filling composite or metal amalgam, to restore tooth strength that helps to prevent further decay. A badly decayed or damaged tooth can be covered by the dentist with a crown. The crown is similar to a cap that can cover the entire tooth. Plus Family dentists also provide bridges to replace missing teeth, while they might extract severely decayed or broken teeth. After that, they will monitor these restorations over time, allowing you to care for them accurately and restoring or repairing them if required.

Referrals to Specialists

The teeth and oral structure of children change as they grow up. As the teeth are emitting from the jaw, the family dentist will thoroughly monitor all of them. In case the teeth are not growing out straight or are in an inclined angle, the family dentist might refer your child to an orthodontist for evaluation to install braces or Invisalign. The Dentist and orthodontist cooperate in work to make sure your child grows up to maintain a perfect set of teeth.

For adult oral care, family dentists usually treat ailments like abscessed teeth and gum disease. But there are cases when you might be referred to a specialist like an Endodontist. This is a specialist who operates on your root canals and any percent abscessed teeth. The family dentist can only give you normal root canal services, But an endodontist comes into the picture if your tooth roots are seriously infected or formed. For procedures like whitening, veneers and dental implants your family dentist may suggest you to a cosmetic dentist. 

Seeing the Dentist as a Family

You set an example for your children. Seeing the dentist may be a scary experience for a child, but you can turn it around if you make them see what the dentist is doing to you like teeth cleaning or a simple check-up. All this can be done only at a family dentist. Make appointments for you and your child on a particular day. As you have your teeth cleaned, make sure your child can watch you, in the meantime talk your child through the process to ease them off until it’s his or her turn.

Visiting the dentist as a family in Edmonton adds a warm feeling to a more inviting experience. This, in turn, will reduce the fear of your children as they grow up. It also allows you to bring oral hygiene into families conversations as well even turn it into a routine for your entire family in Edmonton. For instance, the dentist finds that everyone in your family is incurring a lot of tartar between the teeth, you and your family members can then focus on flossing more regularly to counter such tartar accumulation.

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