Dental Anxiety

Do you suffer from dental-phobia? When you get that email or phone call reminding you of your next checkup, do you cringe with fear or anxiety? While we can’t tell you how to overcome that fear, we can absolutely help you manage it.

Statistics from The Journal of the Canadian Dental Association, reports that nearly 70% of adults experience some amount of fear when visiting the dentist, but only around 11% – 22% are so debilitated with fear that they are unable to visit a clinic. That is why at Central Dental Family Dentistry, we pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive and sympathetic experience to all of our not-so-comfortable clientele.

For some, having a private place like your mouth be examined by someone else is a very invasive act and can result in extreme nervousness. It is understandable that someone could feel uneasy, letting a stranger clean your teeth, and root around in-between your gums.

Routine dental visits can alleviate your uneasiness and potentially avoid future complications with your oral health. When visiting The Central Dental clinic, we will take the process as slow as you need. Maybe your first visit is just to talk to one of our Dentists or Dental Hygienists? The next appointment we can give you a tour of our clinic and potentially have you sit in the chair. We can accommodate your needs and set up visits based on how easily you can turn each visit into a positive experience.

We offer a variety of options for coping with dental anxiety, some of which include;

  • Step by step explanation: Our staff is prepared to walk and talk you through every step of our process. Knowing what is happening can give you a better sense of control and peace of mind.
  • Using hand signals: If you are feeling uncomfortable but can’t say anything, we are happy to establish hand signals during your appointment, to let our hygienists know if you would like to stop the process or need an immediate question answered.
  • Local Sedatives: Along with sedation methods, we also offer local sedatives to reduce pain or discomfort during any procedure.

If you suffer from dental anxiety and are unsure about who to see about your problem, don’t hesitate to call the Central Dental Family Dentistry clinic. Our experienced staff can walk you through every step of the process, answering any and all concerns you may have.