Custom Mouth Guards

Protect Your Teeth with a Custom Mouth Guard

Protect your game performance; wear a custom sport mouth guard.

It’s easy to find readily available mouthguards, but not all mouthguards offer the same level of protection. The best oral appliance is one that is made specifically for you, and that fits naturally in your mouth.

Why Get Custom Sport Mouth Guards?

  • Custom fit minimizes movement of the appliance and allows the athlete to breathe easier. Steer clear of  devices that create breathing difficulties. A custom fit mouthguard is designed to adhere to the shape of your mouth. It fits right in, you need not clench for it to stay in place.
  • Protects lips, cheeks, and gums from cuts and lacerations from the upper teeth.Focus on your game and not on your mouthpiece. In the event of an impact or exposure to extreme pressure, you can reduce risks of injuries or damage on areas surrounding your teeth.
  • Reduces the risk of jaw and tooth fractures by distributing and absorbing the energy from impact. This oral appliance is made for sports enthusiasts. Your gear is not complete without this protective device.

Why Not Use A Generic Boil and Bite Mouthguard?

Generic devices are typically uncomfortable, and you’ll often you see athletes with their sport guards half in, half out of their mouths because they are so uncomfortable to wear. They flop around in the mouth and forcing the wearer to clench  their jaw in order to hold them in place.

Getting your very own custom sport mouth guard is easy, so skip the readily available options. The Central Dental Family Dentistry team can make a variety of custom fabricated athletic sports guards in whatever size and colour you desire. The type of sport participated in determines the thickness that is needed for the guard.

For improving your game performance, quality gear is essential. Your mouthpiece is no exception. Get in touch with us today for more about custom sport mouth guards.