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What is A Numbing Reversal Agent?

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Our numbing reversal agent is the first and only dental product that helps fight numbness from local anesthesia.

Numbing agents play an important role in dentistry. They help patients receive the treatment they need without pain. However, some patients are concerned about the extended loss of sensation that can take up to three to five hours.

This can result in impaired ability to speak, laugh, eat, and chew. There’s also a risk for children to bite on and play with the numbed area so much so it’ll leave them injured.

This agent works to counter this. The numbness can subside within 50 to 70 minutes after your dental procedure and you can get back to your activities for the day right after.

How A Numbing Reversal Agent Works

The agent is injected after the dental procedure in the same area where the patient received the anesthetic.

There’s no pain involved as the area is still numb. Once the numbing reversal agent is administered, patients can recover in half the time it normally takes.

The active ingredient in this producet widens blood vessels, and stimulates blood flow. It reverses the effects of the vasoconstrictor, an ingredient added in local anesthetics.

This numbing reversal agent works differently per individual. Some patients may see results faster. But it’s proven safe and effective and is approved for public use.

Is Using A Numbing Reversal Agent Safe?

The manufacturer dedicated years to study its effectiveness.

The agent we use is safe for use by adults and children ages six and above and weighing over 15kgs or 33lbs. The clinical trials conducted for it involved children, adolescents, and adults, and all yielded positive results.

There are no contraindications and no known drug interactions with the numbing reversal agent. And the active ingredient has been widely used in the medical field since 1952.

Benefits of Reversing the Numbing After A Procedure

Here are some of the many benefits of of reversing your numbing as an instrument of care at the dental office:

  • Alleviates numbness from local anesthesia twice as fast.
  • No additional pain.
  • Helps young patients avoid self-inflicted injuries following a dental procedure.
  • Improves dental experience for both children and adults.

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Be ready to smile, laugh, speak, and eat again once you’re done with your dental procedure.

At Central Dental, we find ways to make each patient visit as comfortable as possible. Our numbing reversal agent is one of the products we offer that make this possible. No more lingering numbness and awkward situations. The local anesthetic is cleared from your system faster.

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