Holistic Dentistry – A New Alternative to Traditional Methods

Dental care has been synonymous with the use of chemical solutions and in many cases, they are unavoidable, however, holistic dentistry has been making real strides in the industry and we are proud to offer some of these practices.
At Central Dental Family Dentistry Edmonton, we believe in combining these holistic practices with modern dental innovations to provide overall oral health and wellness. Holistic dentistry is meant to take your current oral health and enhance it.
If you have any questions about our holistic dentistry practices, contact the staff at Central Dental Family Dentistry Edmonton. We’re happy to answer your questions.
With the potential harm mercury can cause, we ensure our patients are exposed to the least amount of mercury as possible during an amalgam filling removal. We use specialized equipment to ensure this exposure is reduced to a minimum.
Natural Alternatives
Due to the objections some of our patients have to fluoride, we offer natural alternatives to using it. To find out more about these alternatives, call the staff at Central Dental Family Dentistry Edmonton.
Digital X-Rays
Using special plates to collect data and transfer it to a computer, digital x-rays are an excellent alternative to a traditional dental x-ray. The reduction in exposure to radiation is sometimes as high as 80%-90%. These digital x-rays produce an image similar in contrast to a traditional x-ray, but with the added bonus of far less exposure.

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